Success in Generations

For over 50 years, Thompson Electric has been one of Eastern Ontario’s leading commercial and industrial electrical contractors.

Thompson Electric is a third generation family-owned non-union company with 35 full time employees.


Homestead Landholdings

Kingston, ON
Thompson Electric has worked with Homestead Land Holdings in an ongoing working relationship since the early 1980’s, providing electrical contracting services on more than 25 of their projects. Homestead has been developing high-rise apartment and condominium buildings in Kingston for over 40 years and Thompson Electric is their designated Electrical Contractor.

Gillin Engineering Construction

Ottawa, ON
Thompson Electric had the opportunity to provide their services to Gillin Engineering and Construction in the 10 storey Marriott Hotel as part of the development of Block ‘D’ in downtown Kingston. Thompson Electric provided on site supervision, as well as, provided support in electrical design and installation.

Thomas Fuller Construction Co. Limited

Ottawa, ON

Thompson Electric has provided electrical contracting services to Fuller Construction, in the Kingston Area, for five years and continues to provide their services to them on their current projects.

Proctor and Gamble

Brockville, ON

Thompson Electric has been providing ongoing maintenance to infrastructure and production at Proctor & Gamble since 1998, and continues to do so presently. As well as providing maintainance, in 2000, Thompson Electric was involved in the design and installation of the electrical systems on the Pulsar production line and facility.

Dacon Corporation

Kingston, ON

Thompson Electric continues to provide both service and value engineering to Dacon Corp. For over a quarter of a century Thompson supplied electric service on all manner of construction projects from institutional, commercial and mass residential.


Napanee, ON

Thompson Electric was a preferred maintenance contractor in the Good Year Tire and Rubber Plant in Napanee, Ontario from when they opened in 1990 until 2000. During that time, Thompson Electric was involved in both production and facility projects, including: preventative maintenance to the Banbury Process Line; a upgrade to the plant`s and safety and emergency lighting; and, a new line expansion to quality control separators.